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If you want to submit teams, follow these guidelines:
  • Include a paste of your team in your post with a brief description of how the team works.
  • If possible, provide replays showcasing the team in high-level battles.
  • Don't post meme/unserious teams. Use the Team Bazaar thread for those kind of submissions.

Choice Band Honchkrow Balance by Rabia

Choice Band Bruxish Balance by Rabia

stupid demon butterfly by zS

Double Dark by zS

Zoroark Hazard Stack by zS

Floatzel Toxic Spikes by Togkey

SubNP + Encore Zoroark by zS

Guts Ursaring by zS

Double Dragon Tail by Pokeslice

Bulk Up Ursaring by Togkey

Clawitzer VoltTurn by Togkey (edited by Rabia)

Swords Dance Qwilfish Offense by zS

Calm Mind Hattrem by Rabia

Double Swords Dance by Rabia

Coil Eelektross by Rabia

Stall (sigh) by Togkey

we needed a new Oricorio one by Rabia

Paraspam NP Toxicroak by zS

Toxicroak + Oriocrio Balance by Danny


Grassy Terrain HO by Togkey

stop submitting stall by Togkey

Choice Specs Magneton by Togkey

Clawitzer Balance by Pokeslice

Lilligant Balance by Togkey

rabia is an oricorio merchant by Rabia

Veluza Dual Screens by Rabia

Double Dance Braviary by Rabia

Choice Band HEasel by Meri Berry

togkey "don't build stall" challenge (impossible) by Togkey

Choice Specs Froslass by zS

Mixed Samurott Balance by Rabia

Sandaconda Overload HO by Rabia

Choice Specs Magneton VoltTurn by xerovis

Choice Specs Appletun Balance by xerovis

Bulk Up Braviary Stall by Togkey

Pyroar + Nasty Plot Mesprit by Togkey
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Although the current meta won't be lasting long given impending shifts, we are looking light on samples so I'm sharing 3 teams

VoltTurn core w/ Util Scyther and AV Eel focusing around positioning Specs Mag to be able to fire off its hard-to-switch-into moves. Sanda is Sanda. Qwil adds defensive utlity + a needed Dark typing and spikes for pressuring foes, while scarf croak eases the matchup against some waters like Samurott and can clean up weakened teams in the late game

Both Heasel and Croak are very strong in the current meta so this team aims to double down on them to overwhelm their checks. The defensive trio of Rotom, Umbreon and Drifblim provide a strong defensive group to help whittle and cripple teams so that Croak can Break and Heasel can clean up. Offensive rocks Mesprit rounds the team out by adding a pivot to position the "bros" and the ability to dish out damage itself where needed

This team focuses on using the available pivots to allow Appletun opportunities to spam specs Apple Acid. Avalugg compresses removal and physical walling for the team, while Eel and Bombird combine to shore up the teams Special defense and provide momentum through pivoting. Scyther while also maintaining momentum can set up to attempt a sweep, while Scarf Bruxish adds speed control and cleaning ability to chew through worn down teams
D Kiss Raichu
The main goal of this team is to wear down the opponents for a Raichu sweep mid- to late-game. Draining Kiss helps you 1v1 would-be checks like Sandaconda, Eelektross, and Appletun. Cacturne, Avalugg, and Samurott all beat Ground-types for Raichu while also checking Water-types, providing hazard control, and breaking through the opposing team. Scarf Mesprit checks setup sweepers like Eelektross and gives Raichu or Samurott another chance. Blissey does pink blob stuff: Stealth Rock and be a Special Wall.

NP Croak Paraspam
The main goal of this team is to paralyze as much as you can and then set out Toxicroak to win or clean with Scyther endgame. Scarf Scyther gives emergency hazard control and speed control for Hisuian Sneasel, Scarf Mesprit, etc. Hattrem checks Fightings and reflects hazards, allowing Scyther to be Scarf and helping the team not have to be chipped. Tauros breaks the opposing team down for Toxicroak by taking care of checks just spreading crazy damage. Eelektross helps with Electrics and bringing, Tauros, and checking some setup sweepers. Umbreon, along with providing para support, takes the Psychic- and Ghost-type attacks for Toxicroak and Hattrem while also helping everyone with Wish giving Tauros, Eelektross, and Toxicroak another chance.

Water Spam
The idea for this team is to let Hisuian Sneasel and Scarf Bruxish break and pick off threats in the beginning and, once the water check is weakened, SD Samurott sweeps the opposing team with X-Scissor to snipe Cacturne and pick off Grasses. Sandaconda checks Fighting-types, Eelektross handles opposing Waters and checks Electrics, and Lurantis is hazard control along with a Bruxish Wave Crash switch-in.

SD Croak + Scarf Bombirdier
This team wants to beat down Toxicroak’s checks with Scarf Bombirdier, Eelektross, and Hattrem to then open a hole to let it win. Scarf Bombirdier surprises and beats many Pokemon for Toxicroak like Scyther, Medicham, and Scarf Mesprit. Eelektross + Hattrem help with a mini paraspam core that can check Electrics, Psychics, Fightings, reflect hazards, and beat Coil Sandaconda. Lurantis is the Ground resists and hazard control. Sandaconda is just Stealth Rock and beat Fightings.

Psy Spam Oricorio
Fire bird got banned so time for the last one. Medicham should break common Psychic resists for Oricorio to clean, having Tera Fairy Blast to nuke (OHKO) Sableye. Umbreon takes the Ghost and Dark attacks while crippling with Thunder Wave for Medicham. Sandaconda helps with hazard setting and pseudo-checks Waters with Tera. Avalugg is the spinner with IronPress that helps with taking care of Dark-types while also when paired with Tera Ghost, can clean teams with a surprise. Rotom provides speed control, checks Psychics like Mesprit and Medicham, and cripples Blissey with Trick to help Oricorio setup and clean lategame.

Double Blob Stall
Outstall and outboost your opponents. Scarf Ditto for revenge killing, Sableye to beat fatter setup sweepers (Tera Water to beat Rain and Snow more easily), Coil Sandaconda as a wincon and Electric immunity, IronPress Avalugg for hazard support and a second wincon, CM Blissey to not get overpowered by Lilligant or non-Psyshock Mesprit and as a third wincon, and Chansey for fatter utility Blissey.

BU Braviary Stall
Scarf Ditto revenge kills, Sableye beats bulky setup mons, Coil Sandaconda as a wincon and Electric immunity, Cryogonal provides Haze to help vs Mesprit and the like and is a spinner, Blissey is for utility, and Braviary for another wincon.
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I do have 2 teams to add in, one of them being a team that I made for Elfuseon for NUWC and it won, good job btw Elfuseon!

Samurott Spikes BO
:samurott: :qwilfish-hisui: :sandaconda: :cryogonal: :rotom: :mesprit:
Samurott as a new mon in the meta with its cool moveset, I wanted to bring back that ORAS NU vibe with an SD set. Nothing new there lol. Since it still has access to the now "rarer" Knock Off to go with Tera Dark (discount Samurott-Hisui), a Spikes team came to mind and Qwilfish-H easily came to mind as a way to eat up Grass moves. Not to mention it adds a stallbreaker with Taunt and that cool Barb Barrage move that makes it even more annoying for switch-ins to Samurott with poison chip. Sandaconda felt natural to me as a Volt switch-in and rocker because lets face it, what else does it better in this meta right? I then noticed a lack of Ground switch-ins as well as the idea that I needed a spinner (not defogger, it's a spikes team), so that's why I went with Cryogonal with Tera Poison. The team needed speed control to be sure and Rotom called out as a Volt Switch user, Fighting immunity, and Ground immunity. Not to mention a Trick user to cripple stall as well. Lastly, I added a neat little middle-finger of a mon with Sub Nasty Plot Mesprit for more Fighting and Ground immunities. It has seen nothing but success on ladder. Again, Elfuseon did win with in W1 of NUWC. Here's the replay:

Trailblaze Medicham + Specs Rotom

:medicham: :rotom: :bombirdier: :sandaconda: :muk: :pyroar:
So, I had a cool idea here and it's around Trailblaze Medicham. Nothing crazy about the set, but the idea is built around the Pixie Plate to go with Tera Fairy Tera Blast for Sableye and the occasional Spiritomb thinking they're safe switching into Cham.

252 Atk Pixie Plate Pure Power Tera Fairy Medicham Tera Blast vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Sableye: 332-392 (109.2 - 128.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252 Atk Pixie Plate Pure Power Tera Fairy Medicham Tera Blast vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Spiritomb: 264-312 (86.8 - 102.6%) -- 12.5% chance to OHKO

Specs Rotom is there for other physical walls who could be problematic for Cham like Sandaconda, Mesprit, Drifblim, and Hattrem. To be fair, you could make Rotom a scarfer here, but you can't deny that damage it does. It also gives the team an offensive pivot to bring Cham in on special walls like Blissey and Muk. Bombirdier gives the team a special wall of sorts, Knock Off support, a rocker, a Ground immunity, and a partner to complete the VoltTurn pairing with Rotom. Next is Conda, nothing special here other than the fact that it's not the rocker of the team and has Glare for more speed control. Probably a weird Muk set is next. I did notice the team kind of sucks against Sneasel-H, esp. if Rotom is Specs and Sneasel has Night Slash. This is why I added Zen Headbutt to Muk:

0 Atk Muk Zen Headbutt vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Eviolite Sneasel-Hisui: 260-308 (103.5 - 122.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO

And if it goes Tera Grass (Poison Jab hurts it) or Dark (Drain Punch hurts it), Muk's ready for it! Lastly, we have ~~Simba~~ ~~Nala~~ Pyroar! To be honest, this slot is probably the most switchable. It does add that stallbreaker aspect with Taunt and also helps cripple Coil Eelektross with Will O, but another mon could be used in this slot that could potentially do the job better. It seemed like a good fit for some extra special attacking power though.
Team Midwest + Canada pumping out more teams sheeesh

CB Croak + Black Glasses Cacturne
:Toxicroak: :Cacturne: :Articuno: :Rotom: :Sandaconda: :Braviary:
I've used this core in older metas but with specs croak, but after blissey, mesprit, cuno, cryo all joined the tier I wanted to revamp the tier to work in the new meta and came up with this. I think adamant toxicroak is extremely disgusting, and will be making a VR post soon to talk about it. CC is a guaranteed 2HKO on sandaconda no matter what set it is, and the stab combo is insanely difficult to switch into, with drifblim being the only consistent switchin. The 4th move is a choice between EQ and Stone Edge, and I chose EQ since I think the team is fine pressuring Drifblim without it, and EQ is nice to deal with tera poison mons. This is the same team we used in SV this week in NUWC, but that version had stone edge.

Magneton pivot spam
:Magneton: :Appletun: :Qwilfish-Hisui: :Bombirdier: :Sneasel-Hisui: :Rotom:
Another one of my NUWC creations, this team is more difficult to use as it requires precise game planning and positioning and extremely aggressive gameplay. The team focuses on getting Magneton in as much as possible and breaking cores up, opening Sneasel and Rotom to clear later on with SD or Tera Ghost SBall. The NUWC version had Floatzel > Rotom, which allowed for easier breaking but was risky. This version sacrifices the breaking power for a fast pivot that can also revenge kill common threats like opposing Hneasel. Opted for a more tanky qwilfish spread as the team needs some bulkiness and already has options in the 210-240 speed tier.

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